Green inspiration

I’m very lucky to live and work where I do. Today I led a session for a new Manchester-based project, the Kindling Trust, who came to Sheepdrove as part of their knowledge-gathering tour of sustainable living projects in the UK.

The Kindling Trust has a wonderful vision for what they will establish as a rural base. Most of the team made it over – Helen Woodcock, Matt Fawcett, Chris Walsh and Debbie Ellen.

Just like other visitors who I’ve taken around Sheepdrove seeking inspiration, such as Ellen MacArthur, The National Trust, The Soil Association, and the Environment Agency, everyone was keen to learn from what we are trying to achieve in the future, not just what we’ve done so far.

They were very taken by Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre (aren’t we all?!) and this week the team also visited places like Tolhurst Organic and the Organic Research Centre too. As somebody who has seen many people on learning journeys, I encouraged them to publish the gathered wisdom on the web, just like Hadlow College students did, following a study tour. (Maybe they will be new future authors on Natureheads blog too?)

The idea is that the Kindling Trust project would establish a hub for cooperative learning and living. Not a stale library of learning, but a participative, real-life example of sustainable living with a meaningful social message. Sounds amazing. I wish them lots of luck.

 Jason Ball


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