Richmond Park Deer

Autumn in Richmond Park is a rich tapestry of life and colour. Cycling through the magnificent oaks as the sun beamed through the foliage this weekend, I could have spent the whole day behind a camera.

There was a lot of nature to watch – Jackdaws investigating tree hollows, screeching Ring-necked Parakeets on the wing, and of course the parkland scenery and emerging autumn hues. But the deer in rutting season is what I was really after. I got a few shots I was pleased with, and here’s one. (click the image to see it bigger.)

I might get a video clip onto Youtube later this week…

copyright © 2008 Jason P Ball


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2 Responses to “Richmond Park Deer”

  1. Ms.Aya Says:

    Hi Mr. Jason!

    I’m Ms.Aya from PaperDiaries.

    I wrote about WWF Malaysia, remember?

    I decided to check out your blog and it will be nice if you upload a video clip of deers, that you mentioned.

    With that, I will drop-by once in a while~

  2. Richmond Park Red Deer Videoclip « the natureheads blog Says:

    […] Copyright © 2008 Jason Ball Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Richmond Park Deer […]

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