Incinerator protestors

The protest group Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator (SCAI) held a smoky protest outside offices of the Vale of White Horse District Council yesterday at Wantage, Oxfordshire. They used a smoke machine and wore gas masks to draw attention to their objections to a waste incineration unit, proposed to sit between Appleford, Sutton Courtney and Didcot.

As councillors arrived for a meeting at the Wantage Civic Hall the local families had gathered to lobby their representatives.

Pollution is the main concern, and the effect of health, which is seldom properly tested, according to British Society of Ecological Medicine:
‘At the heart of the problems of incineration is the unsatisfactory nature of monitoring at these installations,unsatisfactory in the way it is done, the compounds monitored, and the levels deemed acceptable, and the lack of monitoring of body burdens in the local population.’

I asked about particulates and dioxins, and SCAI Chairman Roger Rance told me, “They say they can filter to 2 microns, but the smaller particles will contain the pollutants including the dioxins and other carcinogens, mutagens and hormone disruptors.”

There are other arguments from SCAI too, not least the landscape and visual impact on the edge of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty, and SCAI desribe WRG as ‘a company which already has a track record of a large number of infringements of safety standards at other incinerator sites it operates.’ One of the members also pointed out that it makes no sense to install the unit nextdoor to a major cultural investment, the Culham European School – a base for the international Baccalaureate.

WRG prefer to call the proposed unit a Resource Recovery Park – describing it as an Energy from Waste centre. SCAI refute the value of the energy process, and point out that the volume targets for burning waste clash with Oxfordshire’s objective of recycling more waste in future.

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7 Responses to “Incinerator protestors”

  1. Ms.Aya Says:

    I vote for NO.

    Incinerating is not all that necessary especially when it comes to rubbish.

    In lieu of incinerating, we can bury our rubbish and waste. In fact by doing so, it will accumulate and evolve into gold in years to come.

    Besides, whatever walks on this earth will eventually return to ashes with or without the help of incinerating.

  2. natureheads Says:

    Click on the Poll to vote!
    This is a difficult question… burying rubbish has its own problems, such as leaching of yucky stuff into the ground and water supplies. Lots of methane gas comes out, which is good fuel if you can capture it, and a strong greenhouse gas if you can’t!

    Underground dumps might become the mines of the future, with hidden purified metals, plastics, etc. Coal might form in 200 million years… but definitely not Gold, dude!

    The problem with the UK is that we don’t have lots of places for burying waste, and have been exporting our rubbish to poorer countries for a long time. What are they supposed to do with it?!

    Neither burying nor incineration seem environmentally acceptable… so we have to reduce waste and recycle a lot more. The UK has a bad record for recycling… but we’re getting better!

  3. Ms.Aya Says:

    I voted already.

    Well, then we don’t have to bury all our garbage. How about recycling some, burying some and incinerating some?

    It’s just about balancing and dividing the trash accordingly.

    … This is hard to solve. Even if some genius come up with an idea, it’s hard to change the hearts of the ignorant people. (Cries)

  4. Ms.Aya Says:

    Strange.. My mother told me that we can get gold out of rubbish in years to come. (.___.)

  5. natureheads Says:

    Yes, actually there will be Gold, because we have buried lots of computers, TVs, and other electronics which contain gold in their circuits.

    Some people recycle the components already, but richer countries tend to throw away everything. In years to come we’ll be so short of metals like Gold that old rubbish dumps will become the mines of the future!

    (What I meant was – Gold won’t be created.) ; )

  6. Ms.Aya Says:

    How disappointing. :(

    Now we’re short of one benefit point to motivate people to bury their garbage.

  7. ms. sammy Says:

    why don`t the people that want to build the incinerator build it somewhere else?
    in Appleford is not a good idea.
    because very near to it is the didcot powerstation.
    the polution in this area is very bad already.
    do it somwhere else!
    and anyway, there is aschool called the European school very near to it.
    good comments by the way Aya!!!

    luv u
    xxx Selma

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