FREE Ecologist with windpower

*GET ECOLOGIST MAGAZINE FOR FREE. Here’s a special deal with Ecotricity, the renewable electricity company. You can get a free subscription* to The Ecologist when you sign up to Ecotricity via one of their partners – Sheepdrove Organic Farm.

Special offer page here. Take a whopping chunk off your Carbon Footprint and get some good reading in just a few clicks.

What is The Ecologist?
The Ecologist magazine and its excellent website carry in-depth articles that explore environmental matters with real intelligence. Both regular and guest writers are always ready to make a serious challenge to the ‘accepted facts’ for any particular topic. They also give coverage to the kind of items that
rarely make the mainstream media – ground roots action taken by ordinary people, hidden corporate scandals and diffuse pollution.
Whether it’s massive subjects like Climate Change or down-to-earth pieces about growing your own food, Ecologist readers will always have the sense that this is an egalitarian, for-the-people magazine.

*What’s the catch?
I think it’s signing up for a year. Ecotricity’s page says “Sign up to Ecotricity NOW and you’ll get a year’s supply of Ecologist Magazines delivered right to your door, absolutely FREE. Terms and conditions apply.

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