GM special edition Ecologist

The Ecologist issue for November is perhaps the best ever special edition magazine to cover Genetically Modified food and the issues around it. Very intelligent, as always, the magazine arms the reader with the information they need to understand GM and debate it.

The Ecologist nov08The editor, Pat Thomas writes, “Growing anxiety, growing concern, growing doubts, growing uncertainty. If you are one of a growing number of people who want to be heard on the subject of GM, and to find out how you can become involved in keeping the future GM-free, here are some places to start.”

Their guide (p37) on where to learn more and what action to take, is available now online. Pat Thomas’ guide on where to learn more about GM…

GM – seeds of change or fool’s gold?
special issue

14 GM food: Are our hands tied?
Government says we have 12 months to keep this country GM-free. Clare Oxborrow, Becky Price and Peter Riley ask, how did we get here?

18 Feed the world?
Do GM crops produce higher yields? Dr Ricarda Steinbrecher and Antje Lorch say the evidence is clear that they do not. How can we say GM food is safe, asks Pat Thomas, when there has never been a single human safety study?

22 Desert grain
We’re told a quick genetic fix can make crops grow in drought conditions. That ignoring plant biology, says Professor Jack Heinemann. Mark Anslow looks at the promise of salt-tolerant crops and finds conventional plant-breeders are already way ahead

27 Food for greed?
Far from feeding the world, biotech companies are more interested in staking claim to life’s genetic code, says Geoff Tansey

30 The nature of the argument
Think you’re reading a balanced view? The pro-GM agenda in the media is betrayed by its choice of words, argues Professor Guy Cook. Private sector bad, public sector good – right? Wrong, says Antje Lorch. Why not build our medicines into our foods? For a very good reason says David Schubert

35 Breaking free
Despite decades of claims, most of what GM has promised remains in the laboratory. Let’s make sure that it stays there, say Clare Oxborrow, Becky Price and Peter Riley

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    […] GM conference explored much more science than Horizon. Note that The Ecologist has just published a GM special edition. Both of these information sources seem to have come out too recently for the Horizon team to have […]

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