Bringing the sea to Oxfordshire

Natureheads blog

The hidden world of British sea life is something few of us will ever see. Beyond catching something on the BBC about sea life you might try snorkelling or scuba diving – and it’s amazing what you can find. But get trained properly before you go!

One of my local scuba clubs, Wantage Dive Club had a trip to the Farne Islands recently and I discovered some of their brilliant photos! Links below…

Octopus photo – by Bill 
Lobster photo – by Bill 
Sea Urchin – by David Wright
Wow! What type of starfish is this?David Wright’s picture of Crossaster papossus.
Grey Seal photo – by Bill 
Starfish and Hermit Crab – by Bill 
Grey Seal face by Steve and Roly

I wonder if they could teach me underwater photography?


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