Happy New Power Supply

Jason Ball at the Natureheads blog

Christmas Santa by Ecotricity

Looking for a New Year Resolution that’s easy to achieve? You can to cut a huge chunk off your Carbon Footprint by switching to a green electricity provider. A massive part of your Carbon Footprint at home and at work is likely to be linked to electricity use, because of the the fossil fuels used to make it and the inefficiency of the system. 

“Think global, act local” is the way ahead, but until you’ve sorted out your own microgeneration, something that does not have to cost you anything is a switch to Ecotricity. There are 3 reasons I recommend them: 1] They match regional provider prices (e.g. Southern Elec), 2] they invest more per customer into new green power than any other UK power company, 3] Ecotricity encourage you to join in with your own microgeneration – see their Renewable Rewards scheme.

Get green power with Ecotricity this year and get a free gift – a subscription to ECOLOGIST MAGAZINE*. It’s a special deal with Ecotricity, the renewable electricity company. Their special offer page is here.

*Ecotricity’s page says “Sign up to Ecotricity NOW and you’ll get a year’s supply of Ecologist Magazines delivered right to your door, absolutely FREE. Terms and conditions apply.”

How green is Ecotricity? Read for yourself…



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