Coppice workshop

Sat 14th March 2009 – Coppice Workshop

Help to create some new habitat for the rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly and learn some new skills at the same time! Tuition will cover the basics of how to coppice effectively, the tools for the job, and habitat management. Discover the value of coppice to wildlife as we open up Primula-rich glades.

Lunch will be cooked with a clay oven, as built during our FARM Africa workshop last summer. Hearty, hot food that’s just perfect for a winter task. (It’s gorgeous, proper country cooking! – JB)

At the end of the day we hope to sell off some of our hazel produce – walking sticks, bean rods, firewood, etc.

Event details

Location: Little Hidden Farm, Hungerford Newtown, Berkshire.

Fee: £20 (£10 students) which goes to FARM Africa.

Book your place with Bill Acworth 01488 683253 Email = acworths (at)

Hot woodland lunch provided. Tools will be provided. Dress for outdoor work and bring a strong pair of work gloves.


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One Response to “Coppice workshop”

  1. Jon Roots Says:

    Coppicing course 14th March – What a brilliant and informative day! My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough time for a nap after the delicious lunch. Simon Smith’s instruction was not only clear and understandable but also entertaining. I was particularly struck by the way we had to apply the holistic view and consider the wider impact of our small bit of coppicing. Bill, as always, was very informative about flora and fauna and also the Duke of Burgundy butterfly. I now aspire to seeing one! It was great to learn the rudiments of a new skill with other fellow enthusiasts, thanks to everyone involved.

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