Lodge a brilliant idea


As I read around other blogs, it’s encouraging to see fresh thinking and a few really cool ideas being put out there. Not all are epic!

I like the bird feeder idea from Power-of-Slow, and I’m going to re-read the worm-compost tips from Kris Pendleton so that I can absorb those… and I’ll hopefully have even better worm colonies this year.

Good to see that US senators have resisted attacks on the Endangered Species Act, Buck Denton drew my attention to this refreshing piece of advancement in USA litigation. One of the features of the new laws being brought through the senate promise to give strength to independent opinion when threatened species need protection from development. Boring, I know, but this must be better than a developer deciding when wildlife is vulnerable to their project.

But my favourite idea is from Leave it to Beavers – an article on Sightline Daily. When environment scientists realise a need to capture water in times of surplus, and help reduce erosion at the same time, somebody proposes a brilliant solution. The Lands Council, a Spokane based non-profit, says:  enhance beaver populations, and watch them make masses of new dams all over the the hills for free!

Yes. Believe in beaver.


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One Response to “Lodge a brilliant idea”

  1. powerofslow Says:

    Beavers rule – I’m glad you liked the bird feeder idea. Nature brings great joy to us all – watching animals helps remind me of why we are here!

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