Fertility Rights

Frog Vibe by Jason Ball

Frog chorus has begun here (Lambourn, Berkshire) as male frogs fight for the right to fertilise. Are the frog hordes busy at your pond?

The female frogs that I rescued the other day must have been on their way. There weren’t mating masses at this pond then, but now the action has definitely started. Toads are in the water too.


I had not noticed before, how white the throats of the male frogs become, which I think must be mating season colouration. A pale underside might be camouflage for aquatic predators, of course, because pale colours blend into the bright backlight from the sky (dappled, darker colours are on top of the body) but the throat is starkly white.

Vibrations through the water must be important, because the throat is partly submerged when they call. Males adopt a favourite posture in the water and inflate and pulsate their throat. Look at the picture above – the ripples in the water are from the frog’s croak.

Then take a look at the photo below – note the flat ear, just below the eye. This sensitive membrane will be able to detect vibrations in the water… I wonder if it enables them to sense movement too, by predators and comrades?

Free frog wallpaper

Here is a free frog  image for your computer desktop. Click on the picture to show the full 1280×1024 pixel image. Right click and ‘save as’ or ‘set as background’.

Jason Ball @ Natureheads.com

Frog desktop wallpaper 1280x1024


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