Rare butterfly project – join in!

Jason Ball at Natureheads.com

Be part of the start !
Tues 28 April – please join us at 10.00 am
You can help to save the Marsh Fritillary.

LOCATION > Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn. DIRECTIONS > Map and download here. DETAILS > at the Sheepdrove Blog

Lambourn is the last foothold in Berkshire for a rare butterfly called the Marsh Fritillary.

I have devised a project of habitat creation and management at the farm where I work – Sheepdrove Organic Farm. We aim to play a major role in securing the future of the Marsh Fritillary in the local countryside.

We are creating acres of new Marsh Fritillary habitat in two locations – one overlooking Lambourn in Berkshire and the other just over the border in Oxfordshire. Each are within MF flying distance of the last colony…

We must act fast. Time is running out for the Marsh Frits on their tiny and isolated breeding site at Lambourn. The sooner we have swathes of caterpillar food ready for them at new places, the better.

400 pots of Devilsbit Scabious have been delivered. This is the favourite caterpillar food plant, and the key to success. Four hundred plants sounds like plenty, but they could quickly disappear if sheep, rabbits and deer eat them! So we also have to build 80 protective mesh guards. That is why I’m asking for help to get them established.

We need all the volunteers we can get. Please pass this story on to any wildlife enthusiasts you know in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Thank you.

I’m grateful to those putting out the word about the task and I WILL GLADLY LINK TO ALL WEBSITES WHO PUBLISH AN ARTICLE ABOUT THIS EVENT.

LINKS LIST so far…

Lambourn website
Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum

Berkshire Nature Conservation Forum
Pang, Kennet and Lambourn Valleys Countryside Project
Radio Kick FM interviewed me today
Henry Kelly on BBC Radio Berkshire will interview me on Monday 27th
BBC Berkshire featured my butterfly story on their website



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