Moth night at Little Hidden Farm 20 June

Berkshire Moth Group
Saturday 20th June 2009
Bookings essential – Tel: 01488 683253

Dear Moth Enthusiast,
As a repeat of the extremely interesting and enjoyable evening that we held during the summer of 2006 we have arranged with the Berkshire Moth Group that they visit Little Hidden Farm again on Saturday 20th June meeting here between 2100 and 2130.    The group comprises some most knowledgeable entomologist who will be bringing several mercury vapour lamps with which to lure their fascinating winged friends for identification and recording.

Last time we provided freshly home-baked bread and cheese and elder flower squash for punters and, of all generations, had a really enlightening evening observing a multitude of otherwise seldom seen creatures in their many hues and with such wonderful names.  Having created some quite species rich habitat on the farm over recent years it was rewarding to have recorded one particularly uncommon moth.   

The children were particularly excited by the event which proved a nice opportunity for Grandparents to engage in a new pursuit with the younger generation.

We do hope you might like to join us and to stay as late as your enthusiasm lasts.   Pray for a nice warm evening but come well clad for the night air.

It would be nice to have some idea of numbers if you could let us know without our demanding any firm commitment.  Last time we numbered about twenty.

Bill and Sue.
Tel 01488 683253


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