Steel rulers for naturalists



Stainless steel rulers are very handy bits of kit. This year, finally, I’ve got hold of two steel rulers with the perfect design.

I’m a BTO bird ringer and carry out Barn Owl monitoring every year. The feather measurements are tricky, because ‘standard’ rulers have a stub with no graduation marks, a few wasted millimetres that don’t measure anything! The stub gets in the way. I use the feather measurements to the nearest mm to match up to standardised age estimates.

My new steel rulers are specially designed, with the end clean-cut, and no useless stub!

Now I can place the ruler’s edge exactly into the unfurling part of the feather I need to get an accurate length. The same goes for measurements of anything you might encounter on field studies, such as shells, plants, small mammals, etc.


The clean-cut 30cm steel rule

The clean-cut 15cm steel rule

The clean-cut 15cm steel rule

These rulers are perfect, and weren’t easy to find, so I got hold of more!

You can buy these from me, at a better price than you’ll see from BTO ringer sales or most biologist / naturalist equipment suppliers. I have listed these 15 cm and 30 cm steel rulers for sale on my ebay gallery.


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