Leaches Farm

BBOWT – the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust – has less than 2 weeks left to achieve their fundraising target of £200,000 to buy Leaches Farm before it goes back onto the open market. If they get this by 16th October, BBOWT will have the HALF A MILLION pounds required to purchase the wetland property.

Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust have saved many highly important sites with special appeals like these – such as Gallows Bridge and Chimney Meadows (where I installed Barn Owl boxes made by Ralph True). Fundraising for Leaches Farm is part of the BBOWT Living Landscapes approach to conserving wildlife by linking nature reserves and sensitive farming across wide areas. Target species such as the Curlew cannot survive on tiny patches of land – that is just not how they live.

Today it was encouraging to see a huge 69% on the JustGiving chart for the BBOWT Leaches Farm funds. Yes, you can donate now at JustGiving.com, where BBOWT also have photos and the following YouTube video :

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    […] than 2 days to raise £19k By natureheads When I previously reported on the BBOWT campaign for Leaches Farm they still had a long way to go. Today it is amazing to see […]

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