Autumnwatch nature notes

Look out for my autumnal nature notes on the BBC Berkshire website. I’ll follow Autumnwatch 2009 and post photos each week.

The first episode of Autumnwatch last weekend was excellent. I was pleased to see my friend Jenny Holden when Gordon Buchanan went to visit the Scottish Beaver Trial at Knapdale Forest. Jenny has a great fieldwork background linked with the conservation of Water Vole and raptor habitats, so you can bet she played an important part in making sure the BBC crew got shots of these cuddly-looking rodents. I know from experience that working with a film crew is rarely as simple as it looks – the official beaver blog gives you a glimpse behind the scenes!

Corn Marigolds near Rack Marsh

Corn Marigolds

The morning after Autumnwatch I was out with the Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group. We installed a Barn Owl nest box at Rack Marsh at the weekend, which is a BBOWT nature reserve near Newbury.

Thanks to BBOWT, especially Andy Coulson-Phillips the Berkshire reserves manager for permitting us to install the nestbox. Thanks to Sheepdrove Organic Farm for the vehicle.

Afterwards we took a walk around the nature reserve and nearby footpaths, where we stumbled onto a vibrant vision. Corn Marigold in a barley plot, swaying in the wind.

More stuff…

European Beaver factsheet.

Autumnwatch on Flickr


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