Threat of cuts for countryside projects

Rumours have emerged again of funding cuts for the Pang Kennet and Lambourn Countryside Projects. (PKLVCP)

My workplace and I raised support back in Feb 2009 with a published letter to local Councillor, Graham Jones. people rallied to the cause, and instead of completely cutting all cash from West Berkshire, the council voted to reduce its withdrawal of funds by half.

Nevertheless, this was a severe blow to the Pang Kennet and Lambourn Countryside Projects.

The projects carried on, but now the programme of countryside events, walks, nature conservation teams, Barn Owl groups, along with professional farm wildlife advice and biodiversity projects might be under threat once again. 

A stalwart projects volunteer, Dick Greenaway, has contacted parish councils and other allies to raise awareness, and to ask for letters of support to go to councillors at West Berkshire. I am also a volunteer linked to PKLVCP – the Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group operates under their auspices. I too urge the council to keep up the support of the projects, which draw into the district far more money than they spend, and provide services to the countryside which would otherwise not happen.


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