Britons seek gold and silver nuts

Across the country, nutters are out looking for a gold and silver, hidden in a woodland somewhere in England or Wales.

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme, the   and to launch their third Great Nut Hunt the People’s Trust for Endangered Species has 21 extra-special nuts to give away.

PTES said:
“There are 20 silver nuts and one golden nut to win. Whilst you are hunting for hazel nuts keep your eyes peeled for one of 21 unique flags hidden in various woodlands throughout England and Wales.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these flags, take it home and contact us immediately to claim your reward. So, if you go down the woods, be sure to look for signs of dormice and you may just win the golden nut!”

How to join the Great Nut Hunt…

Read all about it. First you have to register as a nutter.

To download the survey booklet please click here

To download more survey forms please click here

If you would like to make a donation you can download a donation form

The PTES nutter’s guide…

  • Find some woods or large overgrown hedgerows near you
  • If need be, ask permission from the wood or hedgerow owner to conduct the survey
  • Look for hazel trees or shrubs and search underneath for nuts
  • Collect nibbled nuts, recording the amount of time you spent searching and the number of people who searched
  • Sort out the collected nuts using our identification guide and fill in the survey form
  • Send your form and any nuts you think were opened by dormice to our Chief Nutter

Where is your nearest woodland?

PTES has a map you can search to get ideas of which wood to visit. Click on the map link below and enter your postcode.

Search the map


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