2 Nov BBC Berks interview

I’ve just been interviewed live on BBC Radio Berkshire by Phil Kennedy. He began by mentioning that I work at Sheepdrove Organic Farm – so a good plug there!

We had a chat about some of the things I’ve seen and written about for BBC Berkshire’s Nature pages as a sort of local Autumnwatch.

Phil asked me if I enjoy autumn, and suggested that the season is “rather sad” in some ways, because it’s a time of things dying off for winter… but I wanted to enthuse about autumn and talk about more than just pretty colours.

Autumn does, in fact, have action, growth, and energy. Lively aspects of nature in autumn are hidden sometimes – like the countless seedlings which sprout beneath leaf litter, in preparation for a great start in springtime; or the bursting out of fungal fruiting bodies; or the wild flowers which peak at exactly this time, such as Autumn Hawkbit.

Phil described seeing a field full of red poppies last week! How spectacular for October! And told us he’d encountered a stag while driving in the dark – just standing ahead in the road. The rutting season makes the deer behave a little strangely, of course, and the warm weather has certainly blessed Berkshire with sights of creatures and flowers we wouldn’t have seen in a cold year.

BBC Berkshire Autumnwatch gallery.

Listen again to Phil Kennedy on BBC Radio Berkshire.


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