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Discover a Berkshire wedding venue with a difference. Sheepdrove offers a remarkable rural location on the Berkshire downs… a very modern, eco-friendly building… set at the heart of an organic farm! Sheepdrove is a very special place.

What truly sets it apart from any other countryside wedding venue – indeed, any venue in Berkshire – is that so many great things combine here to make it an unmissable choice for that perfect day.


When your families and friends gather in the majestic Oak Room, the uplifting sensation you feel when gazing up at the tall wooden arches is inspirational. These huge arches continue to strut proudly overhead in the Dining Room. This elegant architecture is an award-winning example of a contemporary timber frame grand design.


A quiet flock of steel sheep greet your arrival at the centre, and a sculptural centrepiece stands in the courtyard. Outdoor spaces are graced by sentinels of stone, engraved with poetry. Within the building, natural wood surrounds you, while unusual artwork decorates the walls.


Fragrance emanates from the herbs of the Physic Garden which sits neatly behind the centre, and secretly hides an amphitheatre. Beyond lies a circular walk route around reedbeds, ponds and a lake where a small wooden building nestles in the valley. The Boathouse is a hidden gem, also available for hire.

The kitchen is brimming with delicious seasonal delights of the sort you might expect in a rural restaurant. The culinary experience has a unique provenance to the farm and gardens, which provide plentiful organic food all year round. You can’t get more local, seasonal and organic!

Contact details

Please contact Harriet Collins on 01488 674737
More information on Sheepdrove the wedding venue 

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