Barn Owl ringing return

Jason Ball at

Barn Owl is a species I work to conserve at Sheepdrove Organic Farm and the local area. With the eco-friendly farming practices and support from Stewardship we have established many miles of rough grass habitat all over the farm, and dozens of nestboxes are available for the owls to breed.

Bird ringing and monitoring enables us to obtain valuable data about birds. A female owl ringed at Sheepdrove in 2002 by Colin Shawyer (my trainer) was found again in 2008 and 2009 by me – when monitoring at the Lockinge Estate!

The Barn Owl had moved from the Lambourn Downs to the Farnborough area, about 9km away. A seven-year-old Barn Owl, she has lived longer than average. Let’s hope we meet her again.

Tour in Google Earth

Take a virtual view of the landscape our Barn Owl moved over – play the tour on Google Earth.

20100308231203-4b95f4c3299fd2.89472725.kmz (download for Google Earth)


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