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FROM People’s Trust for Endangered Species

Hedgerows for Dormice will begin by mapping “hotspots” of dormouse distribution based on the database of current National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) sites and incidental records that are held in the National Dormouse Database, both co-ordinated by PTES. Selecting up to four counties to prioritise our work with in the first year (2009), the project team will map hedgerows within hotspots and, with the aid of survey volunteers, select priority hedgerows that connect isolated dormouse populations.

View hotspot maps for Surrey, Essex, Dorset and Shropshire.

With the help of local partners such as Natural England, Wildlife Trusts and FWAGs we will assist landowners and land managers to ensure hedgerows are managed to benefit dormice in particular, and wildlife in general. Where necessary we will work with conservation volunteers and landowners to actively gap up or create new hedgerow habitat.

Find out more about this exciting new project and ways to get involved, or download the Hedgerows for Dormice Project leaflet by clicking here.


Download the PTES guide “PTES: Managing Woodlands for Dormice


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