Toads migrating to ponds
23 March 2010

Toads were migrating to my local ponds on Saturday evening. The weather was perfect, being a night of fog and drizzle. Now they are cavorting in a lake at the Sheepdrove reedbed system, while frogs spawned in the balancing pond and wildlife pond.

Toad on the road (click to enlarge)

I have heard of amphibian arrivals at Leicestershire, too, around the same time. I wonder how simultaneous the phenomenon is across the country as a whole?

The majority of toads undertake the migration to ponds each spring, although a small number might have hibernated at the bottom of a pond or brook.

Countless numbers of Common Toad die on the roads each spring, as they follow a mysteriously synchronised call to breed. Froglife has mapped 700 toad road crossings using Google technology to help them find out more about where toads are active. They reckon 40,000 need saving, so beware – toads crossing!

Find or register your local toad crossing.

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