Nature coaching

Ever felt like you wanted to learn more about the wildlife around you, but can never find the time to attend a course? Why not book a session with a Natureheads nature coach?

Jason BallNature coaching is something I usually do by taking intensive guided walks, so it’s best suited to individuals or very small groups. You can ask questions and redirect the session as you like, so it’s an excellent way of learning more about the natural world, at your own pace.

How do you know you’ll benefit from a session with a nature coach? Well, I’m not a walking wildlife encyclopaedia, and I never claim to be an expert – but I can offer guidance and support which is tailored to you. It’s like having a personal trainer.

That is what sets a ‘coach’ apart from ‘teacher’. Instead of set lessons, or a long college course, nature coaching will focus on your interests and can be booked to suit you.

Each workshop adapts to whatever we find on the day – different habitats, species or the turn of the season – no day is ever the same. The location can be rural or urban, in your local patch or further afield. And, whilst I class myself as a generalist, other people on the Natureheads Network have specialist expertise. So we are bound to be able to arrange something to fit your fascinations!

Please email to start your very own Natureheads course.

Jason Ball


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