New Barn Owl box at Axmansford


My new design of Barn Owl nestbox has been adopted by Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group (thanks for making them all Richard!) and we have installed 4 in the area. Now I’m pleased to hear that they’re appearing further afield too…

Andrew Bolton and Ken White replicated my ‘Lambourn’ design and installed a Barn Owl box at Axmansford, Hampshire. Exciting stuff!

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Andy explained, “Barn Owls have had a more or less continuous presence at Axmansford for at least 40 years until the mid 1990’s, when they suddenly stopped using a large hole in a hollow oak tree near to where I live.”

“This tree is only about 450 yards from the site we have chosen for the new nest box, and fortunately much further from the fairly busy road. We are hopeful that my uncle’s small, unintensive grassland farm of about 50 acres will provide good vole hunting habitat, together with some excellent areas of rough grass, overgrown set aside and field headlands belonging to neighbouring landowners.”

“We were already planning the nest box, when by happy coincidence, a Barn Owl was seen by my aunt during the late afternoon towards the top of the farm boundary. Fingers are crossed that one will move in before too long.”


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