White-footed spider

I recently saw this tiny spider and have no idea what it is… so I posted an observation on iSpot – have you tried it? It’s is a website where you can share your sightings of wildlife, and get help with identification. You can have a go at identifying things that other people have posted too.

Here’s what my post looked like.

white-footed jumping spider

Observed by natureheads on 29th June 2010
(Added to iSpot on 21st July 2010)
Larger view of 800_white-toed-jumping-spider_2010june29.JPG

A very small spider which looks to me like a ‘jumping spider’ but it is different. Have not observed it actually jump! Has white palps and white on the end of its front legs.

Seen on bare chalk, at locations in both Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the Sheepdrove area near Lambourn.

Behaviour: walks about, and when it stops, it sticks out both its front legs. Possibly a display, but this movement is continuously repeated.

Location: Sheepdrove

No identification made yet.

= = = = = = =

About iSpot

The way they processed and cropped my photo was clever, but definitely not helpful! Apart from that it’s fantastic. They let you put a spot on a google map to show exactly where you found your plant or creature (don’t zoom in much, if it’s a bit of a secret) and you can add notes on what you observed.

iSpot is run by the Open University and is part of the OPAL project (Open Air Laboratories, set up by the Natural History Museum). iSpot is funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund. The place is genuinely useful and user-friendly. You can even sign in using your WordPress username!

For some years now the NHM has hosted an excellent set of ID help fora – like the bug forum – now collected under the name NaturePlus.


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