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Photo competition – Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon | Moorland, the Heart of Exmoor

2 July, 2011

Photo competition – Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon | Moorland, the Heart of Exmoor.


The Apprentice (Exmoor)

12 May, 2011

Exmoor Moorland Apprentices

Exmoor Pony foal and mother

23 April, 2011

Exmoor among best of British skies

1 February, 2011
Best British stargazing spots…

Patrick Kingsley named Winsford Hill in his ‘top ten‘ darkest places to go stargazing in mainland Britain. The lack of light pollution means less haze and more… gaze.  Sorry.

Check out the place in daylight before you wander off to this nice piece of moorland. There are various places you could get wet and a magnificent drop called devil’s punchbowl.

Lynton Cliffs, Exmoor

14 January, 2011

Comfy bum?

28 November, 2010

Have you seen Nick William’s groovy greenwood and seasoned hardwood furniture? Made by hand with great care and skill from some really nice English farm-harvested wood.

Nick does commissions and has great ideas…

Visit the Shepherd’s Rest Furniture website…

Green Bovril II – the vote

27 November, 2010

Now that Bovril has its countryside project shortlist, the green Bovril team are after your votes. Find your favourite on an interactive google map…

Bovril Outdoors Revival

Barn Owl on BBC Berkshire

24 November, 2010

LVBOG installing a Barn Owl box

Anne Diamond will talk with me live on BBC Radio Berkshire tomorrow about Barn Owls. Thursday morning, sometime after 10.30am…There’s a national news story about owls relying on nestboxes. I suspect the embedded question is: “are they too reliant on boxes?”

Anyway, I will point out that actually it’s a sign of success, and let’s say ‘well done’ to the nation’s owl conservation volunteers. Good chance to plug Lambourn Vally Barn Owl Group.

I know I will sound daft. Don’t laugh.

Listen to BBC Berks…

Listen again to that Anne Diamond show. The interview starts 32 minutes in. (available 6 days on iPlayer)

We want… a shrubbery!

18 November, 2010

Next week join me and the volunteers as we plant native Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) part of the Sheepdrove Rare Butterfly Project – and we’re helping moths too.

We ordered locally-grown trees from Murray Maclean at Frilford, tel: 01865 391242.

Hawthorn will provide shade and shelter in years to come. I’ve seen small bushes make a big difference for some butterflies on a windy day. Cowslips already grow in our target areas, and with a little bit of scrub cover, we might just see the endangered Duke of Burgundy at Sheepdrove one day.

Barberry is the caterpillar food plant for the cute Barberry Carpet moth – probably locally extinct because barberry shrubs were ripped out of England’s hedges. It harbours a rust fungus that affects cereal, but modern varieties are resistant to the disease, so we’re bringing this bush back. Hopefully the moths will find it one day – Barberry Carpet has been found in western Oxfordshire. Meanwhile the Barberry is a wonderful food source for bees and birds.

Your spade work could leave a lasting legacy for wildlife! Please join us on a task, we’d love you to be part of the project.

Jason Ball
Manager for Biodiversity and Alternative Energy

These latest volunteer tasks are in association with the local branch of Butterfly Conservation. Coming soon, the 2011 event list for the Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group.

Contact us: Please tell us if you wish to attend a task – it is vital to our preparation. Please email me or call me on 01488 674727.
What to bring:
Please bring a packed lunch – we will picnic on the farm! Bring clothes ready for any weather and sensible boots or wellies.
Meet here:
The farm office, at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn, Berkshire. Map and directions here…

Saturday 27 Nov 2010

Scrub up for Butterflies! 10am – 3pm
Join us for some scrub planting & woodland edge cutting. We aim to create scrubby edge habitat to benefit butterflies and moths.  They love the shelter effect as well as the nectar – and some species will eat the trees at caterpillar stage.

In association with Butterfly Conservation’s Upper Thames branch. Be sure to bring a packed lunch and wrap up warm with outdoor clothes and boots. Bring garden gloves if you have them – we have spares too. We will provide tools and tea – so please tell us if you’re coming. Call us on 01488 674727.

(PLEASE NOTE –  some steep slopes and uneven ground).

Monday 29 Nov 2010

Scrub up for Butterflies! (session two) 10am – 3pm
Scrub planting & woodland edge cutting. Details as per Saturday’s task.

More wildlife events and volunteer tasks…

Slow Food event – Wild Game

13 November, 2010

Wild Game Preparation Evening and Supper. A popular event the Slow Food Berks & Wilts are holding again at Sheepdrove.

Find full details and their Doodle online booking at this link >