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Photo competition – Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon | Moorland, the Heart of Exmoor

2 July, 2011

Photo competition – Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon | Moorland, the Heart of Exmoor.


Exmoor among best of British skies

1 February, 2011
Best British stargazing spots…

Patrick Kingsley named Winsford Hill in his ‘top ten‘ darkest places to go stargazing in mainland Britain. The lack of light pollution means less haze and more… gaze.  Sorry.

Check out the place in daylight before you wander off to this nice piece of moorland. There are various places you could get wet and a magnificent drop called devil’s punchbowl.

Lynton Cliffs, Exmoor

14 January, 2011

Cheddar Gorge bike ride

24 December, 2010

Words and pictures at blog by Pete Cudmore…

Big Outdoor Swim 4 Dec 2010

10 November, 2010

The Outdoor Swimming Society has their annual swim in London on 4 Dec 2010.

Watch last year’s event (featuring Ben Fogle and others!)

I can’t make it on 4th but maybe I should do a tribute swim.

Sky picture competition

9 September, 2010

Impress the Ramblers with your skyscapes and… win a brand new Nikon camera!

Giant jellyfish seen on farm

19 May, 2010

Fancy that… giant jellyfish seen on aerial photo.

Nature coaching

2 April, 2010

Ever felt like you wanted to learn more about the wildlife around you, but can never find the time to attend a course? Why not book a session with a Natureheads nature coach?

Jason BallNature coaching is something I usually do by taking intensive guided walks, so it’s best suited to individuals or very small groups. You can ask questions and redirect the session as you like, so it’s an excellent way of learning more about the natural world, at your own pace.

How do you know you’ll benefit from a session with a nature coach? Well, I’m not a walking wildlife encyclopaedia, and I never claim to be an expert – but I can offer guidance and support which is tailored to you. It’s like having a personal trainer.

That is what sets a ‘coach’ apart from ‘teacher’. Instead of set lessons, or a long college course, nature coaching will focus on your interests and can be booked to suit you.

Each workshop adapts to whatever we find on the day – different habitats, species or the turn of the season – no day is ever the same. The location can be rural or urban, in your local patch or further afield. And, whilst I class myself as a generalist, other people on the Natureheads Network have specialist expertise. So we are bound to be able to arrange something to fit your fascinations!

Please email to start your very own Natureheads course.

Jason Ball

Walk like a Norwegian?

2 April, 2010

The Long Man of Wilmington ©2010 Jason P Ball

Free desktop wallpaper – click to see full size, then right click and ‘save as desktop’.


Nordic Walking is a trendy form of outdoor exercise, quickly building a reputation as a high intensity workout and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Nordic Walking is a bit different because it’s about using your arms too, with ski-pole-type walking sticks.

Not only does it mean you burn more calories – because you’re doing more work than normal for each step of the way – it’s also an effective way of coping with longer distances…. or becoming a faster walker – whichever you prefer!

The BBC made a short video about Nordic Walking and featured it on Countryfile last year. Watch the video clip on Nordic Walking

FREE wallchart with BTO nesting neighbours

21 March, 2010

BTO launches
Garden Nesting Survey

Great Tit - Jill Pakenham ©

Great Tit - Jill Pakenham ©

The BTO is offering a FREE wallchart to help you learn what birds are nesting in your garden.

Email with your name and address to request your survey pack and free nests and eggs wallchart.

This summer the BTO is running the Garden Nesting Survey in an attempt to find out which birds are nesting in gardens across Britain and Ireland. If you can spend a bit of time each week, to search for nesting birds in your garden, this is a great way to discover your nesting neighbours.

The Garden Nesting Survey is one of a suite of projects being carried out this year under the BTO Nesting Neighbours banner. To find out more about the different Nesting Neighbours projects, click here for more information.