Write here!

Are you a Naturehead? Share your nature experiences and thoughts with us, here at the Natureheads blog.

If you’re on WordPress then we can send you an invite to be one of the blog authors. And if you’re new here you’ll have to sign up to the WordPress thing (choose either a username or a whole blog). Don’t be intimidated, they make blogging very easy.

Please bear in mind that the blog’s not about selling stuff or about intense layers RSS feeds. Genuine nature enthusiasts please!

If you’d like to join in, please get in touch.


2 Responses to “Write here!”

  1. robert lees Says:

    just a note to say i have had 5 platyrhinus resinosus in my house. had no idea what they were until i looked on this sight. apparentley thay are scarce.the must have beem in the wood i brought in to the house for the log burner .

  2. natureheads Says:

    Lucky you! I had to really search for this one!

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